Baths and thermoregulators

Unheated baths are designed to accommodate a Techne thermoregulator to control temperatures between -35°C to +200°C with ±0.01°C uniformity.
Sub-ambient temperatures are achieved with a Techne Dip or Flow Cooler.

Refrigerated baths are self-contained chilled liquid circulating systems for laboratory applications. Temperatures between -35°C and +150°C are achieved with a Techne thermoregulator.

Calibration baths are designed for thermal calibration of temperature sensors. Temperature control between -35°C and +250°C with a Techne TU-20D or TU-20HT thermoregulator.

Unheated Baths

Refrigerated Baths

Liquid Calibration Baths

Dip Coolers

Flow Coolers

Bath Accessories

TE-10D thermoregulator -40°C to 120°C

TU-20D thermoregulator

TU-20HT thermoregulator -40°C to 250°C

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