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Techne® invented the "Clip On" thermoregulator in 1948, and now offer four units. Thermoregulators are designed to be used with the Techne® unheated water baths or any other suitable laboratory vessels. They will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath within precise limits.

• Temperature range of -40°C to 120°C
• Please note for sub-ambient cooling a Dip Cooler or Flow Cooler is required. Click here.
• Applications <0°C and >100°C require Techne bath oil. Click here.

• Excellent temperature stability: ±0.01°C at 40°C
• 4 digit setting with a bright LED digital temperature display
• Suitable for most routine laboratory applications
• User adjustable over-temperature cut-out
• Low liquid level cut-out as standard

Sub-ambient cooling
This thermoregulator can be used for sub-ambient cooling, right down to -40°C, although a low-temperature liquid is required below 0°C. Sub-ambient cooling can be achieved using the cooling coil accessory (part number FCC01) connected to an external chilling system, for example a cold tap. Alternatively a Techne dip-cooler or flow cooler could be used as a method of chilling.

External circulation
This thermoregulator can be used in several ways. (1) Stand-alone waterbath temperature controller with precision accuracy and stirring action. (2) Pump for recirculating chilled liquid produced in an external chiller allowing sub-ambient water bath temperature. (3) Pump for providing temperature control to an external system or device. (4) A combination of using externally chilled liquid and providing temperature control to an external system. For additional information, please see Application notes under "Downloads".

Technical Specification

Specifications to DIN 12876 TE-10D
Temperature range* -40°C to +120°C
Temperature selec tion Digital
Temperature stability using water @ 40°C ±0.01°C
Method of control PID
Temperature sensor PRT
Adjustable over-temperature cut-out Yes
Low liquid level cut-out Yes
Pump capacity litresminute 10
Pump capacity (mbar) 145
Nominal heater power at 120V (W) 1000
Nominal heater power at 240V (W) 1000
Extension below base (mm) 145
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 237 x 124 x 260
Shipping weight 3.9kg

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
FTE10DDC TE-10D digital thermoregulator, supplied with clamp (230V)
FTE10DPC TE-10D digital thermoregulator, supplied with clamp (120V)

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