Arcis DNA Extraction Kit UFL002B

Arcis Sample Preparation Kit

Sample to amplifiable DNA in under 3 minutes
Our technology allows fast and convenient DNA sample preparation for analysis and identification. The complete, ready to use system enables you to go from sample to amplifiable DNA in under 3 minutes. The sample prep system works with the Techne Prime Pro qPCR reagent kits and Prime Pro 48 qPCR system to make sample prep, analysis and quantification simple, accurate and fast.

The sample is prepared and stabilised without the need for heating or cooling steps and there are no spins or wash steps, it's a simple two step two tube protocol. The DNA is suitable for use in PCR and qPCR reactions using standard and fast cycling protocols.

Key Features:
• Simple 2-step process
• No instrumentation required
• DNA stable for over 100 days
• RNA stable for 7 days
• Shipped and stored at ambient temperature

The Arcis Sample Prep Kit has been successfully trialled at a range of industrial and academic settings, using the following technologies:

• Techne Pro detection reagents
• End-point PCR
• qPCR (SYBR and probe-based)
• Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
• Sequencing (Sanger, Pyro and Next-Generation)
• DNA fragment analysis (3500 Genetic Analyzer)

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
UFL002B Arcis Sample Preparation Kit ( 50 reactions)

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